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Hello world! January 15, 2006

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Welcome to …. (add some words in here Dylan to introduce yourself)

Here is my first email to the miniLegends http://alupton.wordpress.com (rightclick and open in a new window) – before I started to use my blog to communicate. Add a comment if you want.

Howdy All
Just a quick email to say hi.
It is almost March Break!!!!!!!!!!!
On March Break my family and I are going to a ski slope called Blue Mountain there iI will learn how to ski.
A couple of weeks ago I went to a camp called YMCA Wanakita. There I did Cross Country Skiing,Broom Ball,Tobogganing,Dog Sledding etc.
I am just making new friends at school now and I am going to have a friend over called Drake on March Break.
At school I have been studying about Medieval Times (Middle Ages) in Social Studies,Light and Sound in Science and Fractions in Math (Maths!!!)
It has been around -10!!!!!!!!!!But on Friday it is going to be 15!!!!!!!!What a change!!
I have been watching the ice hockey and I barrack for the Toronto Maple Leafs and my second favorite team is Tampa Bay Lightning!
And I have been watched the Winter Olympics.
I saw a Australian Woman get a Bronze in Freestyle Skiing!!!
Chat soon

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I went to the Technology School of the Future in 2005 with Sara, Daniel, Chloe and Al.