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School this week~ May 23-26th May 26, 2006

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                                                         Dylans castle.JPG Me and my castle.

This week was Canadas fit week.  We had to do somthing physical everyday of the week- including the weekend. 

  • At home I threw the baseball with dad, dressed my sister in goalie hockey gear and practised shooting for goal
  • At school we did specTAGular- which was a day of tag (chasey)
  • We played circle tag and flag tag

We are now playing manhunt at lunch and recess (IT chasey with a gang up- when someone is tagged they join forces with the person who is IT until one person is left)

I  got my marks back for my castle project and got an A- .  I had to bulid a castle from cardboard that had to have certain features like a keep, curtain wall, merlon, battlements and cranals, a moat, gatehouse, barbican and a working drawbridge.  Mum and dad helped a bit but i did most of it myself.


Daily life at school in Burlington,Ontario, CANADA May 20, 2006

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  my school My school   My classroom My classroom                   

    the school crossing The crossing dave.JPG Dave the Crossing Guard

  • In the winter the day starts early because I have to dress in lots of layers and my snow gear to walk to school
  • We walk to school everyday because its only 2 streets away
  • When I get to school before the bell goes we play ball games against the wall
  • When the bell goes at 8.40am we go into class and wait for the announcements to start on the PA system
  • The announcements start with students saying “good morning Mohawk Gardens today is Monday May 22nd 2006, Aujourd`hui c`est mardi le 22 mai 2006 (french), please stand for the singing of O Canada (national anthem)
  • The kids all stand still and sing their national anthem everyday- nobody moves, nobody talks
  • They announce the creative playground guidelines- which is who can play on the playground.  The rest of the school have to play on the field or the blacktop (ashphalt)
  • Our principal (Mr Kaiser) normally says a few words and then we get on with our day “have a thrilling Thursday Mohawk Gardens or have a wicked wednesday or mavellous monday mohawk gardens”!!!! 
  • During the day we get interrupted with announcements over the PA
  • Subjects are: French, Social Studies, Math, Science, Language (English), DPA (Daily physical activity), Phys Ed, Music, Computer, Book exchange (library), Art
  • During our work we use pencils (lead), pencil crayons (coloured pencils), markers (textas), alpha smart- some people use this if they have broken wrists.
  • We do dot jots (dot points), write our homework in our agendas (diary), we have desks with a drawer underneath and our work is kept in a duetang (folder with split rings)
  • When it is not raining we play outside during nutrition breaks (we eat inside first). We play outside in the snow as long as we have snow pants and jackets on.
  • During break times we play foot hockey, ball games against the wall and grid iron football called jackpot
  • Every second week we have a Pizza Day- where we order and get Pizza (either cheese or pepperoni) for lunch because we dont have a canteen. Volunteers like my mum help to run this program
  • The day finishes at 3.10pm