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Hi Dylan from Australia March 8, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Australia, miniLegends.
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Hey Dylan.
You can change the post below (‘Hello, World!’) to your own title and words. It could be the introductory post. “Welcome to my Blog” sort of thing. Just click ‘Edit’. It might also be a good place to add in a bit about your trip to Canada so far eg losing luggage, wax museum, castles etc

If you want to find out about adding pictures, go to ‘Al Upton and the miniLegends’ blog (in your blogroll on the right – remember right-click) and click the ‘Gallery’ tab. There is a cool way to just click on small thumbnail pictures and they come up full size. It will be a wonderful way for us as we share across the waters. Remember not to use identifying information (address/phone number etc) and get your folks’ permission for any photos on the blog. It’s just like we did last year – be internet safe and savvy. I really hope your teacher and your class want to collaborate with the miniLegends. 🙂
I’ll be interested to see what you put in here and how your blog develops. Just ask for any help and share any ideas you have. Explore the miniLegends and your blog (and your ‘dashboard’) AND HAVE FUN!
Cheers, Al (Mr Upton)

PS the fastest way to get a message to me from here is add a comment to this post – click the blue comment link below. I’ve added myself as an administrator of your blog so this will happen 😎

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