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Liverpool September 4, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, holidays.
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Winter Wonderland Wanakita September 4, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, holidays.
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Winter Wonderland Wanakita


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Australia Vs Canada Language June 9, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Australia, Canada.

Here are some different words that the Canadians use with the Australian meaning

Canadian Word                                                               Australian Meaning

  • Friend/ Buddy                                                             Mate

  • Trunk                                                                           Boot

  • Dinner/ Supper                                                            Tea

  • House Coat                                                                  Dressing gown

  • Trash/ Garbage                                                           Rubbish

  • Bell pepper                                                                 Capsicum

  • Cantaloupe                                                                  Rock melon

  • Call home                                                                    Ring home

  • Cell phone                                                                   Mobile phone

  • Cinema                                                                       Pictures                                                             

  • Toque                                                                          Beanie

  • Sweatshirt                                                                   Jumper/ Jacket

  • Jogging pants                                                               Track pants

  • Pop                                                                              Soft drink

  • Pump gas                                                                     Fill up with Petrol

  • Electrical Cord                                                           Electrical Lead

  • Markers                                                                      Textas

  • Period                                                                         Lesson

  • Field                                                                           Oval

  • Drugstore                                                                    Chemist

  • Pound key                                                                    Hash key

  • Jersey                                                                         Guernsey

  • Pencil crayon                                                              Pencil

  • Agenda                                                                        Diary

  • Due tangs                                                                    Folder with split rings

  • Attendance                                                                  Roll book

  • 8 x 11                                                                          A4

  • No problem                                                                 No worries

  • Need to pee                                                                 Go to the toilet

  • Washroom/ bathroom                                                  Toilet

  • Field trip                                                                     Excursion

  • Nutrition break                                                            Recess

  • 2nd Nutrition break                                                      Lunch

  • Dot jot                                                                         Dot points

  • Pylon                                                                           Witches hat/ cone

  • Buggy                                                                          Shopping cart

  • Flyers                                                                          Catalogue

  • Counter clockwise                                                      Anti clockwise

  • Mailbox                                                                       Pigeon hole

  • EA – Educational Assistant                                         SSO – School Services Officer

  • Custodian                                                                    Groundsman 

  • Cookies                                                                       Biscuits

  • Neat                                                                            Good

  • Awesome                                                                    Fabulous

  • Your welcome                                                             No worries

  • Skidoo                                                                         Snow mobile

  • Mountie                                                                       Police/ Copper

  • Ghost car                                                                     Unmarked police car

  • Cornstarch                                                                   Corn flour

  • Green onions                                                               Spring onions

  • Burger King                                                                 Hungry Jacks
  • Dime                                                                           10 cents

  • Penny                                                                           1 cent

  • Quarter                                                                        25 cents

  • Toonie                                                                         2 dollars

  • Loonie                                                                         1 dollar

  • Candy                                                                          Lollies

  • Hockey                                                                        Ice hockey

  • Field Hockey                                                               Hockey

  • First Nations                                                               Aboriginals

  • Freezing rain                          rain that freezes as it hits the ground making iced roads

  • Black ice                                               thin layer of ice on the road that is hard to see

  • Black top                                                                     Asphalt

  • Truck                                                                           Ute

  • RV                                                                               Motor home

  • Caravan                                                                       Van eg Tarago

  • House trailer                                                               Caravan

  • Kleenex                                                                       Tissues
  • Bangs                                                                          Fringe

Different things in Canada June 9, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.

We got together with Cherie (another Aussie exchange teacher) and came up with this list. 

  • Light switches turn on by flicking them up
  • Milk comes in a bag and you put it in a special jug- bag and all
  • Drive thru coffee (Tim Hortons)
  • Drive thru banking
  • 16 lane freeways including express and collectors lanes
  • blue flashing lights on truck – snow plough and salting the roads
  • there is no switch to turn on a power point
  • flashing green traffic light – can turn left with no oncoming traffic
  • you may turn right on a red light if its clear
  • some door handles turn or lift the opposite way
  • rarely will find a $50 note or a .50 c coin
  • no ceiling light in the lounge room
  • all houses have a basement due to the frost level foundations would move otherwise- where the furnace is
  • letterbox is on your front porch
  • pedestrian lights count down for time you have to cross
  • Squirrels running along the back fence
  • Sushi chef in supermarket as well as fresh fruit, salad bar, baker, hot food and pizzas
  • Live fish tanks in supermarket
  • Tipping 15% for service
  • Taxes 7% GST and 8% PST added at the end of sale (not included on price tag)
  • Everything is written in English and French- most cartons have two sides one for English and one for French
  • Tim Hortons coffee on every corner
  • Pop Cans 355ml  (soft drink cans)
  • Cookie dough is considered a snack
  • Popcorn is very popular
  • Toilets water level is high
  • Sensored taps/ toilets/ towel dispensor in washrooms
  • No canteen in schools
  • Intercom in every classroom
  • Furnace – heating is on 24/7 or you could freeze the pipes and they explode
  • Cheese is bright orange
  • Pizza is bought by the number of toppings
  • Take shoes off at the door
  • Very little instant coffee choices – all dripalator coffee
  • Skim milk is sold by percentage 1% or 2%
  • Instead of milk they have cream in their coffee
  • Pizza day is every second Wednesday or Thursday
  • 4 way stop sign – who ever gets there first goes first

    milk.JPGMilk in a bag  

 tim hortons.JPGTim Hortons drive through coffee             




Ontario Science Museum May 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.
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The world.JPG The world  The rainforest.JPG  The rainforest

 bobsled.JPG Bobsled  balance.JPG balancing

On Tuesday May 23rd we went to the Ontario Science Museum in Toronto

  • We went with a year 9 class from dads school
  • We travelled to Toronto on a yellow school bus- it took an hour

When we got there we went to KIDSPARK

  • Kidspark was a “hands on” area just for kids
  • We played on musical pipes, pretended to be in a recording studio, made ball slides, played shop, went on a whirly ride (like the teacup ride in disneyland), kept a ball in the air with a turbo air machine.

Then we went to the sport section

  • I rode a bobsled with dad and saw how fast and accurately i could throw a baseball
  • I found out how soft i could land when jumping from a height- i jumped 7.3 times my body weight
  • I balanced on a balance beam- I was good at that because I had done this in gymnastics at school
  • I went on a machine that measured how long you could balance for- I made 1.3 seconds- it was really hard
  • I tried to jump to reach a basketball hoop- I need to grow big time!!

After the sport section we went into a space lab to learn about the solar system and the stars in the northen hemisphere

  • We had been in a planetarium like this one in Madame Tussards in London
  • We looked through perspex squares to see a rainbow- light refraction
  • We learnt about the zodiac signs in the stars- we saw mums- the scorpio and the seven sisters- the Japanese call these stars The Subaru (like the car sign)

After that we went to the Communciation and Human body sections

  • we looked at the way other countries communicate
  • I wrote my name in Heirogliphics
  • I saw how babies are born- it looks painful (OOOOUCH!!)
  • There was a machine there that aged you 50 years- but the line was too long

The museum had a rainforest in the middle of it

Chloe and I had fun chasing virtual fish- projected onto the floor- if you touched one it would swim away- amazing!

At the end of the day we went to a chemistry presentation

  • Rob the scientist showed us experiments with liquid chemicals
  • He talked about chemical change- colour, smell, heat, light
  • He made things go bang
  • At the end he exploded a balloon

Daily life at school in Burlington,Ontario, CANADA May 20, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, School.
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  my school My school   My classroom My classroom                   

    the school crossing The crossing dave.JPG Dave the Crossing Guard

  • In the winter the day starts early because I have to dress in lots of layers and my snow gear to walk to school
  • We walk to school everyday because its only 2 streets away
  • When I get to school before the bell goes we play ball games against the wall
  • When the bell goes at 8.40am we go into class and wait for the announcements to start on the PA system
  • The announcements start with students saying “good morning Mohawk Gardens today is Monday May 22nd 2006, Aujourd`hui c`est mardi le 22 mai 2006 (french), please stand for the singing of O Canada (national anthem)
  • The kids all stand still and sing their national anthem everyday- nobody moves, nobody talks
  • They announce the creative playground guidelines- which is who can play on the playground.  The rest of the school have to play on the field or the blacktop (ashphalt)
  • Our principal (Mr Kaiser) normally says a few words and then we get on with our day “have a thrilling Thursday Mohawk Gardens or have a wicked wednesday or mavellous monday mohawk gardens”!!!! 
  • During the day we get interrupted with announcements over the PA
  • Subjects are: French, Social Studies, Math, Science, Language (English), DPA (Daily physical activity), Phys Ed, Music, Computer, Book exchange (library), Art
  • During our work we use pencils (lead), pencil crayons (coloured pencils), markers (textas), alpha smart- some people use this if they have broken wrists.
  • We do dot jots (dot points), write our homework in our agendas (diary), we have desks with a drawer underneath and our work is kept in a duetang (folder with split rings)
  • When it is not raining we play outside during nutrition breaks (we eat inside first). We play outside in the snow as long as we have snow pants and jackets on.
  • During break times we play foot hockey, ball games against the wall and grid iron football called jackpot
  • Every second week we have a Pizza Day- where we order and get Pizza (either cheese or pepperoni) for lunch because we dont have a canteen. Volunteers like my mum help to run this program
  • The day finishes at 3.10pm

Ottawa May 18, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.
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Pauls River Cruises                                                                               

  • Last weekend I went to Ottawa.
  • Ottawa is like Canberra- it is the capital city of Canada
  • It is where the Prime Minister lives and the Parliament of Canada


  • Travelled in the afternoon- the traffic through Toronto was bad
  • It rained heavily all the way there and it was very windy
  • We arrived in Ottawa at 9.30pm and met our Billetts
  • We stayed with Ted, Pauline, Laura and Alec
  • They had a big house and their Labrador dog was called Hunter
  • Watched Buffalo vs Ottawa in the Ice Hockey- Buffalo won
  • We then went to bed


  • Dad went to Canterbury High School – a special school for performing arts students
  • Meanwhile mum, Chloe and I went to the Canadian Agriculture Centre
  • It was very smelly and had farm animals
  • We saw a lamb that was born the day before we arrived
  • We went back to pick up dad and had lunch at the RA centre- there was no kids stuff- was boring
  • After lunch we went to the Royal Canadian Mint- where they make all the canadian money
  • We saw how they made coins- this mint even made some coins for Australia and other countries.
  • I lifted up a real gold bar- it was very, very heavy!!!! 
  • Dad went to afternoon tea with the Australian High Commissioner at the Australian Embassy while we went to the Rideau Shopping Centre (we werent allowed to go to the Aus Embassy)
  • We had tea at the Rich Tree Market Restaurant- their pizza was yummy and they made OJ on the spot
  • Before bed we watched The Polar Express on a huge projector -it was like being at the movies!!!


  • In the morning we went on a cruise down the canal- in the winter it is frozen and the longest ice skating area in the world!!!
  • After the cruise we went to the Aboriginal experience and we learnt all about the first nation people (Canadas Aboriginals)
  • We saw instruments, furs, equipment and dancing from their culture
  • After lunch we went for a tour around Parliament Hill and saw where all the Politicians hang out!!
  • We then went to Byward Markets (it was lame) and had tea at Tuckers Restaurant- I had 4 plates of food- (2 plates of salad)
  • Back at the Erlands place i watched the Hockey playoffs and Buffalo beat Ottawa (again) – Ottawa are now out of the Stanley cup playoffs


  • We packed and said goodbye to the Erlands and went to the Musee` de Civilzation over the border in the French province of Quebec in the city of Hull
  • We started at the childrens museum which was interesting- i made some tribal necklaces and a spinning top
  • we looked through the Petra exhibition which was a ‘lost city of stone’- some of the stuff was over 2000 years old!!!
  • We went through the Canadian history section and looked at the first nations display
  • We had lunch in Ottawa and drove home through the rain again!!

Fav Hockey and Baseball Teams March 18, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, sport.

My favourite Baseball team is Toronto Blue Jay because they are the team in the city closest to where i am living.

Jays 01.gif Click to enlarge then backspace to return here

My favourite Hockey team is Toronto Maple Leafs because they are the team in the city closest to where i am living.

 Maple Leafs 01.jpg

Blue Mountain March 18, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, holidays.

Day 1:Today we have just arrived at Blue Mountain and it is -1!!!.The sun was shining and there was lots of people skiing. We had a look around the Village in Blue Mountain because my and Chloe don’t have ski school and we don’t have skis because we had to pick up our skis tomorrow.it was lovely and beautiful with all the snow.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 2:Today I had to wake up early because we had to hire our ski and then go to ski school.At ski school we got separated I was a Beginner.The slopes that I went on was kids camp,Big Baby and Enchanted Forest.For lunch I had Cheese on Toast and Chips.After we finished ski school we went back to our hotel.Before that we went skiing again.After that we went in the Hot Tub in our hotel then we had pizza for tea at the Fire Hall Pizza Co.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 3: Today I wake up early again because of ski school again.Today went I woke up my legs were killing me because my mum said I would find  muscles that I have never felt before and I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Today it was cold.Today the slopes I went on were Glider,Easy Street,Graduate and Happy Valley(Blue run).A Green run=Easy(Manly what I went on).Blue run=Medium and Black run=Hard.Today we had to go from the South Base to the Village because all of the chair lifts wore closed because the snow was icy!!for tea we went to a pub called Yutoo.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 4:Today I could sleep in because I don’t have ski school Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!But I also went skiing with my family.It was poring with snow!!!!!When you went up the lifts by the time you get up the top you are filled with snow then at 12:00 we had luinch in the Irish pub, did some more skiing then drove home through the snow. A lot of the roads were closed so it took 1 1/2 longer to get home!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Blue Mountain

blue mountain   A picture of the slopes at Blue Mountain