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Australia Vs Canada Language June 9, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Australia, Canada.

Here are some different words that the Canadians use with the Australian meaning

Canadian Word                                                               Australian Meaning

  • Friend/ Buddy                                                             Mate

  • Trunk                                                                           Boot

  • Dinner/ Supper                                                            Tea

  • House Coat                                                                  Dressing gown

  • Trash/ Garbage                                                           Rubbish

  • Bell pepper                                                                 Capsicum

  • Cantaloupe                                                                  Rock melon

  • Call home                                                                    Ring home

  • Cell phone                                                                   Mobile phone

  • Cinema                                                                       Pictures                                                             

  • Toque                                                                          Beanie

  • Sweatshirt                                                                   Jumper/ Jacket

  • Jogging pants                                                               Track pants

  • Pop                                                                              Soft drink

  • Pump gas                                                                     Fill up with Petrol

  • Electrical Cord                                                           Electrical Lead

  • Markers                                                                      Textas

  • Period                                                                         Lesson

  • Field                                                                           Oval

  • Drugstore                                                                    Chemist

  • Pound key                                                                    Hash key

  • Jersey                                                                         Guernsey

  • Pencil crayon                                                              Pencil

  • Agenda                                                                        Diary

  • Due tangs                                                                    Folder with split rings

  • Attendance                                                                  Roll book

  • 8 x 11                                                                          A4

  • No problem                                                                 No worries

  • Need to pee                                                                 Go to the toilet

  • Washroom/ bathroom                                                  Toilet

  • Field trip                                                                     Excursion

  • Nutrition break                                                            Recess

  • 2nd Nutrition break                                                      Lunch

  • Dot jot                                                                         Dot points

  • Pylon                                                                           Witches hat/ cone

  • Buggy                                                                          Shopping cart

  • Flyers                                                                          Catalogue

  • Counter clockwise                                                      Anti clockwise

  • Mailbox                                                                       Pigeon hole

  • EA – Educational Assistant                                         SSO – School Services Officer

  • Custodian                                                                    Groundsman 

  • Cookies                                                                       Biscuits

  • Neat                                                                            Good

  • Awesome                                                                    Fabulous

  • Your welcome                                                             No worries

  • Skidoo                                                                         Snow mobile

  • Mountie                                                                       Police/ Copper

  • Ghost car                                                                     Unmarked police car

  • Cornstarch                                                                   Corn flour

  • Green onions                                                               Spring onions

  • Burger King                                                                 Hungry Jacks
  • Dime                                                                           10 cents

  • Penny                                                                           1 cent

  • Quarter                                                                        25 cents

  • Toonie                                                                         2 dollars

  • Loonie                                                                         1 dollar

  • Candy                                                                          Lollies

  • Hockey                                                                        Ice hockey

  • Field Hockey                                                               Hockey

  • First Nations                                                               Aboriginals

  • Freezing rain                          rain that freezes as it hits the ground making iced roads

  • Black ice                                               thin layer of ice on the road that is hard to see

  • Black top                                                                     Asphalt

  • Truck                                                                           Ute

  • RV                                                                               Motor home

  • Caravan                                                                       Van eg Tarago

  • House trailer                                                               Caravan

  • Kleenex                                                                       Tissues
  • Bangs                                                                          Fringe


Hi Dylan from Australia March 8, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Australia, miniLegends.
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Hey Dylan.
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I’ll be interested to see what you put in here and how your blog develops. Just ask for any help and share any ideas you have. Explore the miniLegends and your blog (and your ‘dashboard’) AND HAVE FUN!
Cheers, Al (Mr Upton)

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