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Hi My Name Is Dylan and in 2006 my family and I went to Canada to live.  My dad is doing a teacher exchange in a town called Burlington in Ontario.  We are living half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  Please enjoy my blog and follow my adventures



1. tylah - August 29, 2006

Hi Dylan
My name is Tylah.I am in Al`s class this year.
Even though I don`t know you I really like youre blog.

2. lizzie fee - October 2, 2006

Hi Dylan,

Your blog is brilliant! I especially love the videos and the way you have put music with them and added DB productions! Awesome!

I’ll keep checking it out to see what you have been up to!

Great to talk to you all this evening.

Love you and Miss you all lots,

Lizzie xxx


3. sarah - January 28, 2007

Hey Dyls Remeber Miley C told you about a girl who played hl? that’s me!

4. cutiequeen - July 7, 2009

ehmagawd dyl you dont have alot of fans but u gawt me so anyway luv this blog.


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