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Vancouver August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.
  • We took a bus from Seattle and drove to Vancouver
  • it wasn’t as long as the drive from San Fran to Seattle and it was a nice bus owned by the American Train Authority (amtrak)
  • We arrived in Vancouver and stayed in an appartment with Dave and Louise
  • The next day we went to Granville Island Markets
  • We walked a long way that day and had spaghetti for tea
  • The next day we got up really early to go to Victoria on Vancouver Island
  • Victoria was really pretty with lots of bear statues and flowers lining the streets
  • I think Chloe got a picture with every bear in Victoria!
  • We went a miniature museum and saw lots of little villages and history scenes
  • In the afternoon we went to an Imax film on Whales and had tea at the Old  Spaghetti Factory
  • It was a late night because we didnt get into Vancouver until after 11.30pm
  • The next day was a beautiful day with sunshine and about 25 degrees so we decided to hire bikes and go to Stanley Park.  It reminded me of when we ride to the Bay.  There was a bike path all the way around the huge park. I had a nice red bike that had 6 gears. It didnt seem like a very long ride but then when we looked at the map it was a long distance. The scenery was beautiful.
  • We ended the afternoon with a nice, relaxing slurpee (slush puppy) and i got brain freeze!! Mum, dad, Dave and Louise had their usual coffee.
  • The next day we were going on the ship!!! Yippee.

todem-pole.jpegA Todem pole

miniature-pub-in-victoria.jpegA miniature pub

grandville-island-markets.jpegGrandville Island Markets

dylan-and-the-grizzly-bear.jpeg Me and the Grizzly Bear

changing-of-the-guard-in-miniature.jpegChanging of the Guard in Miniature World      bc-ferries.jpeg The ferrie that gets you to Vancover Island aka BC Ferries



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