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The Rockies August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.

Mum is helping me with this post because she took notes about the places we saw-we did so much it was hard to remember

  • Dennis came to pick us up at 8.30 and we left for the Rockies
  • The first night we stayed in Clearwater and went to a town called Harrisson Hot Springs where we had chance to put our hands in some natural hot srings- it was hot!!
  • The next day we explored the area around Clearwater (Dennis’ home town). We went to Wells Gray Provincial park  and saw Dawson Falls and Helmcken Falls whilst looking over our shoulder worried about bears.
  • dsc02726.JPGThis is Dawson Falls
  • dsc02738.JPGThis is Helmcken Falls
  • On our way to Jasper we saw Mt Terry Fox- named after a kid (he was 17) who had cancer and lost a leg and decided to run from one side of Canada to the other to raise money for cancer research- he didnt make it and died soon after – but dad remembers MMRobinson HS doing a fund raiser in his honour so Canada still celebrates his heroic efforts.
  • We saw Mt Robson- the tallest peak in the Rockies- iced with glaciers- the Rockies are so beautiful.
  • dsc02777.JPGThis is Mt Robson
  • dsc02785.JPGThis is what a Beaver does to a tree
  • We didnt get into Jasper until 9pm and didnt have tea until 10pm – it was a late night!!!
  • In the morning (Saturday) we got up and went to see some more of the Rockies- we went to our first Glacier in the Rockies-Mt Edith Cavell and the Angel Glacier
  • dsc02799.JPGThis is the Moose at Mt Edith Cavell dsc02806.JPGThis is Dad and I at Angel Glacier
  • After this we saw the Athabasca Falls- they were very pretty but it worried me that people were climbing on the rocks and could fall easily- silly people!!
  • We then walked on the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbian Icefields.  Walking on a glacier was scary but we were safe with our guide Dennis who knew the area well. It crunched under your feet and glistened in the sun.  We then saw Peyto Lake (shaped like a dog) and we drove to Banff and stayed at the High Country Inn
  • dsc02844.JPGThis is Me at The Columbian Icefields dsc02859.JPGThis is Peyto Lake
  • On Sunday we went to Lake Louise-it was spectacular and it looked better than the photos i had seen.  We then went on a humougous-boozookingly long uphill walk to a little log cabin called The Tea House and Mirror Lake. Argh, groan!!!!!! We didnt get a hot chocolate there cause it was packed but we had fun watchng the cute chimpmunks eating bits of food. Then the long walk down!!!!!!!  But it was easier.
  • dsc02887.JPGThis is The Fat Chimpmunk!
  • lake-louise.JPGThis is all of us at Lake Louise
  • Dave, Jutta (a German lady also on our tour) and Dennis walked up a higher mountain called the Beehive Mountain
  • dsc02880.JPGThis is Beehive Mountain
  • That night we went to the Irish Pub and caught up with dads cousin Kym (Myk/Andrew) Yay- he was cool!
  • kym-and-bentleys.JPGThis is Kym and Us at The Irish Pub
  • On Monday we went up the gondola in Banff- it was very high up but a great view.
  • We then looked at a spiral tunnel train where the train goes into the mountain and spirals around to reduce the decline and comes out lower- it does a corkscrew-cool!  Then to the Yoho National park where we saw the Takakkaw Falls (meaning ‘magnificent’ in First Nations language) which flows into the Yoho (meaning ‘wonderful’) River. There we saw an ancient face carving in a tree by a First Nations person.
  • dsc02952.JPGThis is The First Nations Carving
  • We then drove to the Quaoort Lodge in the Salmon Arm- it is a first Nations lodge, full of art, teepees, and First Nations history.
  • On Tuesday we saw a First nations ranch and drove through Lillooet and had lunch on the Seton River.  We then drove to Whister
  • I loved whister- what a cool place- full of bmx bikes and holidaying Vancouverins.  We could imagine it in winter- it would be rockin’!!!  They had a mountain bike park where guys could do tricks and lots of downhill riding.
  • dsc00539.JPGThis is a Whister Downhill Bike Track
  • We looked around the village and did the luge(like a winter one but on wheels down a track), Chloe loved this also.  Dave and Louise went white water rafting- they had fun.
  • We then drove back to Vancouver – we did nearly 1500 miles in the week- it was a long way- but we saw some wonderful places.


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