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The Grand Canyon August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.

 canyon.JPGAll of us  

dsc00101.JPGDad arrives after a quick climb up the canyon

 dsc02163.JPGThe cute chipmunks 

  • It was a long drive to the canyon from Las Vegas- we hired a Chrysler Town and Country which was big enough to fit us all (us and Dave and Louise) plus 6 suitcases!
  • We went via the Hoover Dam which is famous for powering Las Vegas and you know how bright Las Vegas is!!!!!
  • Driving towards the Canyon and getting a first look at it was amazing- it was spectacular!!!
  • dsc00070.JPGThe canyon

  • We were so high up and it was so deep and no big fences- so mum was holding onto me until the blood stopped going to my arm- she was scared i was gonna fall in! The park ranger said about 2 people fall down the grand canyon in a year.
  • dsc02116.JPGUs at the canyon

  • Everyone (apart from Louise – cause i was gas bagging to her) saw a road runner – it was so fast- just like the cartoon!!Beep beep!!
  • That night we had the most amazing thunder storm over the canyon- we tried to take photos but it was too too hard. Dad did get a couple.
  • The next day we caught the park shuttle to have a better look at the Canyon- it was just so huge, and pretty- lots of colours.
  • The canyon wasnt very big (commercial) so there was only one place to eat- we ate at the same place for breakfast, lunch and tea. The hotel was right on the edge of the canyon- you could walk out the door and it was 20 steps to the edge!!
  • At 3pm we drove back to Las Vegas through the Arizona and Nevada desserts.


1. tony - August 29, 2006

to Dylon
I like footy. My favourite team is Richmond you know. Do you know me.

2. brockp - August 29, 2006

thoose chimpmuncks look asoome how did you getso close

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