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San Francisco August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.
  • Getting to San Fran wasnt as easy as we thought- we went to the Las Vegas Greyhound bus terminal (it was horrible)- we had tickets to get onto the 11.00pm bus but didnt get in line (cause we didnt know) and we missed out on getting either of the 2 buses that left. So we had to wait until 2am to catch the next bus
  • Chloe and i slept on the floor- and then the bus driver didnt show up so we didnt get on the bus until 2.30am-then we slept on the bus! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • It was a long trip to San Fran- it took 14 hours and we had to stop at Los Angeles for 2 hours!YAY
  • Finally we arrived at San Fran- it was a beautiful city. It was built on a hill.  Our hotel was called The Opal and it was VERY nice. 
  • We ate dinner at the place where Metallica signed their first record deal called Tommys
  • In the morning we went for a ride on a cable car- up and down- scary- Dad and Dave did their ‘Laverne and Shirley’ impersonation and hung out the side of the car.  I got to ring the bell!!
  • dsc02198.JPGUs on the Cable car   
  • dsc00112.JPG The Cable car
  • We then went down to the harbour front and went on a boat ride to the Golden gate bridge (which is famous), and Alcatraz Island.We didnt get a chance to get off the boat and look through the prison but it looked interesting.There was lots of fog on the harbour which made it very eerie and scary.
  • dsc02247.JPG The Golden Gate bridge with fog
  • We went back to the hotel via town and Chloe got 2 new dresses for the formal nights on the cruise ship from Macys
  • dsc02283.JPGChloe and her Macy’s bag
  • We did lots of walking in San Fran- it was hard work cause the streets werent flat.  Dave made us walk for miles to get to Lombard Street which is the crookedest street in the world. It is so steep that the cars have to zig zag down the street- it was cool. The sidewalk was a staircase!
  • dsc00150.JPGLombard street-look closely at the cars coming down
  • After that we walked to a monument called Coit Tower ontop of another hill(telegraph hill) then walked down to the harbour- my legs were killing me!!! When we walked down we came across a guy who had an Australian Cockatoo with a wierd name-he sat on my shoulder and we talked Aussie to him!!
  • dsc02316.JPGThe cockatoo

  • We then prepared to catch another bus to Seattle 


1. coreyf - August 29, 2006

Hi Dylan san francisco looks prety cool that bus ride was woth it. The cable car must be cool 8) cheers corey.

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