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Bellagio Water Feature August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.

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1. AG - August 29, 2006

Hi D

Great blog! What a holiday around the Wesst Coast. Send your email for Jason. See you in January 07. Cheers
PS Carn the Crows!

2. josh - August 29, 2006

hi! Dylan looks like you had a great time on your trip i have all was wanted to go to las vages it looks realy cool by the way have a great time in bendigo

3. lee - August 29, 2006

Hi Dylan

grat Blog I wish I was you so I cood go around to all thos plasis I hop you are having a grat time.

4. danni - August 29, 2006

HI Dylan you don`t know me im Danni you were in my class for
year2. I like your blog Al has been telling us abuot you and your blog
this is my first time I have been on your blog. I hope your having a great time in canada I’d like too go to canada.

5. finn - August 29, 2006

hi dylan aer you hafing fun up ther i wish i was up ther well sia i gota go now sia?

6. annabel - August 29, 2006

Hi Dylan.
Hope youre having a nice holliday.
Not many people in our class know you,exept me Grace and Kate and some of the boy`s

from Annabel:)

7. Sekscieli - October 27, 2008

I was exactly looking for something like that. I can be ticklish about my ordinary jaw I have a fresh joke for you) Why do turkeys eat so little? Because they are always stuffed!

8. Water Features - January 1, 2009

A great looking holiday. And what a fountain

9. オテモニャン - February 4, 2010
10. Kelkay - April 1, 2011

That looks like an amazing holiday, I would love to go there and that water feature is something I’ve never seen before.

11. Pyrtanl - November 28, 2013

Я не понимаю свою девушку – приглашаю ее в кино, говрит что в другой раз, хотя по ее голосу понимаю,что хочет,подскажите,в чем дело! Буду очень признателен

Дело не только в кино, так во всем…может она просто хочет удержать меня

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