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Alaskan Cruising August 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in My huge summer holidays.
  • WOW! What a ship!!
  • We spent the first afternoon just exploring the ship.
  • It has 2 pools,2hot tubs, all you can eat ice cream parlour, hot dog and taco stand, a casino, a library and internett cafe, kids club, a tennis court, a basketball court, 2 table tennis tables, an entertainment area with a stage and lots of bars!!
  • We did a lifeboat drill where we had to put our life vests on and stand next to our life boats-Chloe was really scared
  • The next day we were just sailing so Chloe and i went to kids club (aka Club Hal) it was so much fun!
  • That night was the formal dinner so we had to dress up!!
  • Aug 4th we arrived in Juneau after travelling up the Tracy Arm
  • We went to the Mendenhall Glacier. What an experience-it was freezing and it was summer, i had to wear 5 layers and the last one was a huge rainsuit.  We paddled out in a 12 person Indian Canoe. I paddled all the time (what a champion) We also saw a waterfall and picked up lots of icebergs on the way.
  • The next day we were on Skagway-we decided to have a slow day and just stroll around town.
  • On the 6th we sailed into Glacier Bay.  It was a magnificent Glacier and we saw white thunder-which is where the glacier falls and smashes into the water and makes a big KABOOM!! It was still cold!!
  • It was raining in Ketchikan the next day-which is ‘the usual’ it doesn’t rain for maybe 5 days a year.  They call it ‘liquid sunshine’
  • We went on The Duck which was an amphibious vehicle (it went on the land and the sea).  It continued to rain and i got wet!! 
  • In the afternoon we strolled around the town and saw the salmon trying to swim upstream!! They are amazing!  We saw some seals trying to eat the fish.
  • Dad finally bought mum a Tanzonite ring-it is blue and small.
  • That night it was formal again and Mum and Dad had dinner with Dave and Louise at the Pinnacle Grill while Chloe and I went to kids club. I got a bit sea sick that night cause the boat was rockin’ and i slept on the top bunk which made it worse
  • The next day we sailed back down the Inside Passage and arrived in Vancouver the next day.

the-volendam.JPG The Volendam

the-seals-in-alaska.JPG The seals in Alaska

the-ice-sculpture-of-an-eagle.JPG The Ice Sculpture of An Eagle.

stuffing-our-mooses.JPG Stuffing our Mooses



1. tracyarmalaska - July 16, 2009

Tracy Arm is by far the most scenic trip there is. On my trip I saw unbelievable calving glaciers, bears, humpback whales, killer whales, beautiful waterfalls and much more. I definitely recommend going to Tracy Arm. In fact, there is a movie on Tracy Arm called “Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience”. The film captures the beauty of this incredible place. You can buy the film here from Film Baby:


I highly recommend Tracy Arm. If you get a chance, experience it yourself. And don’t forget to buy the film too!

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