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Different things in Canada June 9, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.

We got together with Cherie (another Aussie exchange teacher) and came up with this list. 

  • Light switches turn on by flicking them up
  • Milk comes in a bag and you put it in a special jug- bag and all
  • Drive thru coffee (Tim Hortons)
  • Drive thru banking
  • 16 lane freeways including express and collectors lanes
  • blue flashing lights on truck – snow plough and salting the roads
  • there is no switch to turn on a power point
  • flashing green traffic light – can turn left with no oncoming traffic
  • you may turn right on a red light if its clear
  • some door handles turn or lift the opposite way
  • rarely will find a $50 note or a .50 c coin
  • no ceiling light in the lounge room
  • all houses have a basement due to the frost level foundations would move otherwise- where the furnace is
  • letterbox is on your front porch
  • pedestrian lights count down for time you have to cross
  • Squirrels running along the back fence
  • Sushi chef in supermarket as well as fresh fruit, salad bar, baker, hot food and pizzas
  • Live fish tanks in supermarket
  • Tipping 15% for service
  • Taxes 7% GST and 8% PST added at the end of sale (not included on price tag)
  • Everything is written in English and French- most cartons have two sides one for English and one for French
  • Tim Hortons coffee on every corner
  • Pop Cans 355ml  (soft drink cans)
  • Cookie dough is considered a snack
  • Popcorn is very popular
  • Toilets water level is high
  • Sensored taps/ toilets/ towel dispensor in washrooms
  • No canteen in schools
  • Intercom in every classroom
  • Furnace – heating is on 24/7 or you could freeze the pipes and they explode
  • Cheese is bright orange
  • Pizza is bought by the number of toppings
  • Take shoes off at the door
  • Very little instant coffee choices – all dripalator coffee
  • Skim milk is sold by percentage 1% or 2%
  • Instead of milk they have cream in their coffee
  • Pizza day is every second Wednesday or Thursday
  • 4 way stop sign – who ever gets there first goes first

    milk.JPGMilk in a bag  

 tim hortons.JPGTim Hortons drive through coffee             






1. wpeiug43 - August 9, 2006

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

2. jordan - August 29, 2006

Flicking the light switch up and down. Is that dangeres for kids. Do you have to be near a adalt.

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