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Ontario Science Museum May 26, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.


The world.JPG The world  The rainforest.JPG  The rainforest

 bobsled.JPG Bobsled  balance.JPG balancing

On Tuesday May 23rd we went to the Ontario Science Museum in Toronto

  • We went with a year 9 class from dads school
  • We travelled to Toronto on a yellow school bus- it took an hour

When we got there we went to KIDSPARK

  • Kidspark was a “hands on” area just for kids
  • We played on musical pipes, pretended to be in a recording studio, made ball slides, played shop, went on a whirly ride (like the teacup ride in disneyland), kept a ball in the air with a turbo air machine.

Then we went to the sport section

  • I rode a bobsled with dad and saw how fast and accurately i could throw a baseball
  • I found out how soft i could land when jumping from a height- i jumped 7.3 times my body weight
  • I balanced on a balance beam- I was good at that because I had done this in gymnastics at school
  • I went on a machine that measured how long you could balance for- I made 1.3 seconds- it was really hard
  • I tried to jump to reach a basketball hoop- I need to grow big time!!

After the sport section we went into a space lab to learn about the solar system and the stars in the northen hemisphere

  • We had been in a planetarium like this one in Madame Tussards in London
  • We looked through perspex squares to see a rainbow- light refraction
  • We learnt about the zodiac signs in the stars- we saw mums- the scorpio and the seven sisters- the Japanese call these stars The Subaru (like the car sign)

After that we went to the Communciation and Human body sections

  • we looked at the way other countries communicate
  • I wrote my name in Heirogliphics
  • I saw how babies are born- it looks painful (OOOOUCH!!)
  • There was a machine there that aged you 50 years- but the line was too long

The museum had a rainforest in the middle of it

Chloe and I had fun chasing virtual fish- projected onto the floor- if you touched one it would swim away- amazing!

At the end of the day we went to a chemistry presentation

  • Rob the scientist showed us experiments with liquid chemicals
  • He talked about chemical change- colour, smell, heat, light
  • He made things go bang
  • At the end he exploded a balloon


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