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Ottawa May 18, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada.

Pauls River Cruises                                                                               

  • Last weekend I went to Ottawa.
  • Ottawa is like Canberra- it is the capital city of Canada
  • It is where the Prime Minister lives and the Parliament of Canada


  • Travelled in the afternoon- the traffic through Toronto was bad
  • It rained heavily all the way there and it was very windy
  • We arrived in Ottawa at 9.30pm and met our Billetts
  • We stayed with Ted, Pauline, Laura and Alec
  • They had a big house and their Labrador dog was called Hunter
  • Watched Buffalo vs Ottawa in the Ice Hockey- Buffalo won
  • We then went to bed


  • Dad went to Canterbury High School – a special school for performing arts students
  • Meanwhile mum, Chloe and I went to the Canadian Agriculture Centre
  • It was very smelly and had farm animals
  • We saw a lamb that was born the day before we arrived
  • We went back to pick up dad and had lunch at the RA centre- there was no kids stuff- was boring
  • After lunch we went to the Royal Canadian Mint- where they make all the canadian money
  • We saw how they made coins- this mint even made some coins for Australia and other countries.
  • I lifted up a real gold bar- it was very, very heavy!!!! 
  • Dad went to afternoon tea with the Australian High Commissioner at the Australian Embassy while we went to the Rideau Shopping Centre (we werent allowed to go to the Aus Embassy)
  • We had tea at the Rich Tree Market Restaurant- their pizza was yummy and they made OJ on the spot
  • Before bed we watched The Polar Express on a huge projector -it was like being at the movies!!!


  • In the morning we went on a cruise down the canal- in the winter it is frozen and the longest ice skating area in the world!!!
  • After the cruise we went to the Aboriginal experience and we learnt all about the first nation people (Canadas Aboriginals)
  • We saw instruments, furs, equipment and dancing from their culture
  • After lunch we went for a tour around Parliament Hill and saw where all the Politicians hang out!!
  • We then went to Byward Markets (it was lame) and had tea at Tuckers Restaurant- I had 4 plates of food- (2 plates of salad)
  • Back at the Erlands place i watched the Hockey playoffs and Buffalo beat Ottawa (again) – Ottawa are now out of the Stanley cup playoffs


  • We packed and said goodbye to the Erlands and went to the Musee` de Civilzation over the border in the French province of Quebec in the city of Hull
  • We started at the childrens museum which was interesting- i made some tribal necklaces and a spinning top
  • we looked through the Petra exhibition which was a ‘lost city of stone’- some of the stuff was over 2000 years old!!!
  • We went through the Canadian history section and looked at the first nations display
  • We had lunch in Ottawa and drove home through the rain again!!


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