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Blue Mountain March 18, 2006

Posted by Dylan in Canada, holidays.

Day 1:Today we have just arrived at Blue Mountain and it is -1!!!.The sun was shining and there was lots of people skiing. We had a look around the Village in Blue Mountain because my and Chloe don’t have ski school and we don’t have skis because we had to pick up our skis tomorrow.it was lovely and beautiful with all the snow.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 2:Today I had to wake up early because we had to hire our ski and then go to ski school.At ski school we got separated I was a Beginner.The slopes that I went on was kids camp,Big Baby and Enchanted Forest.For lunch I had Cheese on Toast and Chips.After we finished ski school we went back to our hotel.Before that we went skiing again.After that we went in the Hot Tub in our hotel then we had pizza for tea at the Fire Hall Pizza Co.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 3: Today I wake up early again because of ski school again.Today went I woke up my legs were killing me because my mum said I would find  muscles that I have never felt before and I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Today it was cold.Today the slopes I went on were Glider,Easy Street,Graduate and Happy Valley(Blue run).A Green run=Easy(Manly what I went on).Blue run=Medium and Black run=Hard.Today we had to go from the South Base to the Village because all of the chair lifts wore closed because the snow was icy!!for tea we went to a pub called Yutoo.Then I had a good nights sleep.

Day 4:Today I could sleep in because I don’t have ski school Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!But I also went skiing with my family.It was poring with snow!!!!!When you went up the lifts by the time you get up the top you are filled with snow then at 12:00 we had luinch in the Irish pub, did some more skiing then drove home through the snow. A lot of the roads were closed so it took 1 1/2 longer to get home!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Blue Mountain

blue mountain   A picture of the slopes at Blue Mountain



1. Al Upton - March 18, 2006

Hey Dylan, I love your blog- it is really coming together 🙂 You sound like your are on such a wonderful learning and fun journey.
Please check with your mum and dad if it is ok to leave this picture on your blog. If not delete it. Say hi to them and the rest of your family for me please. Cheers, Al

2. Al Upton - March 18, 2006

I forgot, if you want to add smilies right-click

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